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Facing Out is an art project that will explore the impact of acquired facial disfigurement from head, face and neck cancers and their treatments. Lucy will be creating paintings in residence at the wonderful Maggie's Centre Manchester, at The Christie Hospital and at Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust. The paintings will be portraits of people who have facial disfigurements due to facial cancers. They will explore and illustrate the identities of the sitters beyond their role as 'patient' or 'one who is disfigured'.

Lucy thinks that this project will raise some interesting questions about how we look at people:

Facing Out will consider the gaze and the unique relationship with being looked at that exists for people with facial disfigurement. I am interested in the scrutiny of the portrait subject by the artist, the gaze of the painted subject to viewer, the act of viewing an artwork, and how these familiar actions are unsettled and subverted when the subject has a facial disfigurement that ‘politeness’ and sympathy dictate should not draw stares.

The project is a partnership between artist Lucy Burscough; Maggie’s Centre Manchester and their clients; Tim Blackburn, Consultant Oral Maxillo-Facial/Head & Neck/Facial Plastic Surgeon at Central Manchester NHSFT and his patients; The Christie Hospital; The Whitworth; Manchester Museum; medical anthropologist, Dr. Anne-Marie Martindale; and Manchester Science Festival. The paintings will be produced in public following Lucy’s model of art production as performance, delivered as a wellbeing activity with the intention of creating challenging and ambitious artworks and inspiring stimulating and enlightening conversation.